Is your organization and community looking for principle-centred leaders? Do you want to know how to build stronger relationships, built on trust and respect?  Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively, plan effectively, and understand the principles of problem solving and decision making based on strong organizational values. Do you want to learn how to make good choices that lead to the development of effective habits? The 3rd Year or graduate program, Enhancing Professional Effectiveness, will provide you all these tools and more to develop a plan to help you to be more effective in your professional career.

This training is not a canned program like many Human Resources Departments offer.  It is however, an in-depth training which digs deep into the topics covered through presentation of the topics and individual and group discussions. Students are challenged to look at their own thought process and habits and to discuss at length different viewpoints about each topic.

Due its highly individualized nature, only 12 students are accepted annually. Registration due by Friday, November 15, 2019. Early registration is highly recommended.