What’s required for the attendees? Each student is required to fill out a brief survey prior to class where they will rate themselves on their knowledge of the topics and how well they feel they understand and practice the topics presented in their daily activities.  We also ask the attendee’s Supervisor/Manager to fill out the survey on how they feel the attendee ranks in each of the topics.  Included in the survey is an area for the supervisor/manager to include notes for clarification and some constructive critique.  This is a critical part of the program and provides valuable feedback to the student and contributes to their success in the program.

Each student will be challenged as it relates to principle based leadership methods.  They will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zones by participating in individual and team exercises and lead discussions with other classes.  Students will be provided with an individual workbook to create their own Professional Plan.  This provides an outlet for them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and is a good tool which can be used to help with discussions with superiors and staff.  The Professional Plan also helps the students prioritize goals and plan for ongoing improvements in the work place.